I was having a chat on Facebook with one of my old  high-school friends T. She was talking about an annoying situation she faced while flying  which was instigated by my prior post about annoying children in public; she caught her flight and really needed to catch some much-needed sleep, and as she said

“The man behind me had his 3 year old daughter and allowed her to use the back of my seat as a jungle gym for the entire flight.” — T

Her story immediately reminded me of my Delta flight. LOL, so now I’m going to tell my story. I would tell hers, but whatever, it’s my blog, and I don’t feel like copying, pasting, and referencing. Especially when I can simply spit out my drama.

I’ve been on a lot of flights, but have never had the opportunity to fly with Delta before; therefore, I never realized it wasn’t an opportunity and that Delta Airlines is straight-up ghetto.

I should have realized the low-quality of Delta by the price of my ticket; but after being alerted that I was on the verge of getting deported from Australia, I had to use my parents air-miles to fly out before I would get in trouble. On top of that, air-miles are cheap, so in order to avoid having to stay in Atlanta for two days (which I would have loved if I actually had money to stay and spend there) I had to pay my way from LA to Toronto. Luckily the ticket which stopped in Minnesota was only about $350, so I can’t complain about the price.

Anyways, as I said before, I should have noticed that something was wrong when they quoted me such a low price on the cross country trip, but I brushed it off and thought that my luck must be changing since fate had been handing me so many bad cards lately.

So finally after leaving my place in Melbourne at 4am, then catching a flight to Sydney (where I had to once again pay a huge excess luggage fee), then getting on my next flight from Sydney to LA,  I was feeling tired and yuck.

I had to re-check my luggage as that’s what you always have to do in LA, plus the annoying people who arranged my flight over the phone booked it as two separate trips (since half was air-miles and the rest was cash) which meant that I couldn’t check my stuff all the way through … it also meant that after waiting for two hours to get through customs and lugging my heavy baggage through to the next terminal, I had to pay for my baggage $60/bag as well as re-pay my excess baggage fee … uuugh life totally hates me lately.

So whatever, now my bags are checked all the way through, my credit-card wasn’t declined (thanx god) and I was on my way home. I walked through the security check and towards my gate. Although I’ve traveled through LA countless times, I’ve never been in this terminal before. My ticket didn’t even say what seat I had and there were a few signs at my gate saying that the flight was overbooked.

The fact that my ticket didn’t have a seat number really scared me, but when I approached the desk, the woman told me that she would call me up. Finally after a number of announcements about offering $400 and a night in a hotel to whoever decided to give up their seat ( which I seriously thought it, until I realized there was no way I could deal with that heavy luggage again) the flight started boarding. My name wasn’t called.

Finally, the flight was almost fully boarded and I decided to go up’ they scanned my ticket, told e to wait, then gave me another ticket and told me to board. … it was really awkward. I got on the plane.

So once everyone was settled I started to notice my surroundings; the man to my right was eating some type of meat sandwich which smelled disgusting, the woman directly beside me was old and looked like she was going to keel over any minute, and behind me was a child who was vigorously kicking the back of my seat, and never stopped.

As I mentioned to my friend T, I kept on looking over my shoulder directly at the mother–her children and husband had obviously purchased the whole row behind me. Since I was in an isle seat I had a clear view of her, yet somehow my dirty looks didn’t seem to penetrate her nonchalant attitude or prompt her to do anything … I consider myself such an outspoken person, and I feel that I should have said something.

It didn’t help that the air was hot and stuffy, and no matter how high and how well I angled the air-conditioning nozzle towards myself, I just couldn’t find a satisfying stream of air to dispel the thick salami-ish smell that filled the space around me.

That was just the beginning. The rest of the flight followed to disappoint me immensely; I’d have to say that Delta was even below Air Canada, which used to stand out in my mind as the worst airline.

Anyways, when I think about it, I guess my experience began on the premise that beggars can’t be be choosers, and although I was thoroughly annoyed by my Delta Airlines experience, I wasn’t really shocked, just slightly surprised.

But after researching, I realized I’m not the only person who has noticed the lack-luster quality of service that Delta Airlines provides. There seems to be a number of blog posts, blogs, twitter tweets, Facebook pages, videos, on-going commentaries, polls,  quizzes, reviews and websites devoted to Delta Airlines hate-age.

So in conclusion, Delta is the K-Mart (if you were from my hood, I would tell you it’s the Bi-Way) of department stores … and when I say department stores I’m including Myers, Nordstroms, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s.

Damn you Delta … I will never fly with you again!

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  1. [...] but Delta totally changed my perception, not only was their flight horrible, as I mentioned in my past post, but the hostesses were from a different [...]

  2. [...] but Delta totally changed my perception, not only was their flight horrible, as I mentioned in my past post, but the hostesses were from a different [...]

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