Exploring Open Data Effectively

Open Data | Big Data

Have you ever looked up websites to find statistics or information about the area you live in? Chances are you’ve stumbled across some Open Data! There’s also a big chance that marketing, advertising and strategic agencies have found Open Data like this information to be vital in the way they target their audiences (but that’s a whole different post).

Today I want to touch on the importance of Open Data and how you should be using it not only for research, but to be transparent and engage the public.

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The Joys of Gamification


Gamification has been a buzz word for years, and lately, every savvy Digital Strategy professional has been thinking of new ways to incorporate this method into their strategic plan.

For those of us new to gamification, in general, it’s a method that we can use to increase and prolong user engagement. Gamification helps you acquire user data to gain clear insight about your audience while increasing your audience size. It also creates more opportunities for you to communicate key messages.

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“Too often we tend to think of change in a very singular mindset, technology. But technology is not the real issue, not the root cause. It’s an effect, for sure… [but] the real driver of societal change is society itself, not your smartphone.”
John Hayes, CMO at American Express

The Power of Podcasts

Powerful Podcasts

During the past decade it’s become apparent that print media is dying; magazines and newspapers are battling it out to stay relevant, while online media is thriving. Somewhere in this digital shift, podcasts have evolved to become a very valuable and powerful communication channel.

Advertisers, like SquareSpace and NatureBox, are taking advantage of the huge audiences podcasts draw in, and organizations are conveying key messaging to broader demographics. On top of that, podcast producers are getting more creative and finding innovative ways to broadcast their content.

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